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About Us

Mobile or Smartphone’s are smart devices that make life more connected and communicative. In today's time, it has become a need of the hour without which one feels incomplete. With them, geographical boundaries have been ended and the world gets squeezed into a small screen. People buy Mobile or Smartphone’s basis brand perception and the retailer's ownership but if something goes wrong with your precious mobile, you don't get much help from them and it becomes harsh & bitter experience with a lot of pain and dent in your pocket.

Solution To This !

Mobile AMC kept its first pace in India from the foreign market with the expectation of hassle-free services to provide some soothing space of protection to Mobile devices and home appliances for yearly contract. Now 3SIXT5 AMC based in Delhi comes with the most comprehensive AMC plans for Mobile or Smartphone under damage protection schemes.

Why 3Sixt5 AMC ?

In most of the cases, mobile phone manufacturing companies provide limited warranty only for manufacturing defects with complicated terms and conditions even in case of highly expensive smartphones. Therefore, often the buyers have to face damage related menaces that do not cover the terms of the policy. Considering this situation, 3SIXT5 AMC has brought exclusive AMC plans with great values that make flexible terms to look after the protection coverage necessities for the expensive mobile buyers. Its plans have incredible customer experiences. Most importantly, we believe in simplicity and immediate action, for which we are offering everything online that saves your time and money. We provide pick & drop facilities to our customers and usually take 24 hours to meet our goal. We always replace your damages parts with the real ones, which you will probably get only in 3SIXT5 AMC.

Our Vision

To be one of the world leading AMC Service operators, provide better protection and safety and pocket-friendly protection Plan to the customers

Our Mission

To be more creative innovated provide AMC for all product customer avail, with pocket friendly rates , connected to customer need and best place to work for internal customer and lead the Nation.

Our Goals

Our team is focused on making AMC mobile servicing accessible to one and all. Our services promise to provide the corrected result to the customers with all due facilities. Our prime goal is to gain the first and foremost name in the field of AMC services.

Hey! just relax we are here to protect you!



"Talent wins games,but teamwork and intelligence win championships."
–Michael Jordan-

Above quote drives our team, we believe in teamwork and each team member of the 3SIXT5 AMC act as a brick to build a strong wall of the success. We acknowledge contribution of each team member in the growth of our organization and also help them to individually grow.


Mr.Dilip is the co-founder of the company and carry aninteresting story behind its inception. Being a busy man, always in a hurry, he used to face constant phone damage and issues. A breakage in the phone meant a full stop to business communication & each time, there was a huge cost involved and no one ever turned around in the promised time. As we say, necessity is the mother of invention, Mr.Dilip thought it is high time to take things ahead. That is how the idea to start 3SIXT5 AMC was born in his mind. And since then there has been no looking back!

Organization structure

We have a simple hierarchy, Co-Founder who placed the first brick of 3SIXT5 AMC, a National head who look after the entire operations, finances and other functions of the organization.Under national head, a Regional Sales manager who oversees the sales network with the help of various Area Sales managers, dedicated for specific areas. The Area Sales manager is further supported by Territory sales manager, Who help to cover the sales & operations at the micro level of the assigned areas.

And Business Analytics team of 3SIXT5 AMC works out the required market research through competent and experienced analysts, which help the teams to get the prospective clients smoothly and efficiently