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Accidents are not predictable, it can happen with anyone and anywhere. Same is applicable with our Mobile phone or Smartphone too, which are very sensitive and are prone to accidents, and sometimes certain accidents are irreplaceable. But with 3SIXT5 AMC, you don't have to live with this fear, no matter whether the damage caused due to a mobile collision or drop or anything because of an object falling on them, we cover everything in our Accidental Damage coverage and allow you to move stress-free.


Is your mobile phone dropped in a pool or water got poured onto it ? No issues, we won't ask you how, when, why or where, all those irritating or silly questions. Damage caused due to liquids is such accidental damages which are not under user's control. We know it is the time of action rather interrogation and immediately get into the restoration mode. With 3SIXT5 AMC, you will get the best liquid damage AMC coverage which is incomparable.